About Mrs. California 2017

You are what you overcome.  

At a young age, life continuously presented a series of hurdles, but I can confidently state overcoming these challenges guided my passions and led me to my work with high school students facing the same struggles. I grew up in Los Angeles County with my mother, who worked tirelessly, but greatly struggled financially as a single parent. In addition, I was evaluated for special education at age five due to a debilitating speech impediment that prevented me from verbally communicating. Despite these and other early educational, social, and economics challenges, I was able to graduate from California State University, Long Beach earning a Bachelor’s in Intercultural Communication as well as from UCLA graduate school earning a Masters in Education, and a Masters in Educational Administration. I began teaching in South Los Angeles seven years ago and continued teaching in Watts in 2013 where I currently work with the most amazing, resilient teenagers serving as their Assistant Principal.  

Working with teenagers demands the responsibility of inciting hope and confidence be placed at the top of my priority list.  By participating in a pageant about exceptional women, I want my students to see that beauty is not equated to outward appearance. There is no rule or formula for what “looks” beautiful. I want them to know that beauty is about the gentleness of their heart, the intellect in their minds, and the ethical pursuit of success. I want to instill in my students and girls across the country that kindness, morality, education, and perseverance through social and economic challenges is not only possible, but it's what makes them beautiful from the inside out.