Beyond Medicine: Advocating for women by ending the silence on the risks and prevalence of impaired fertility.

Without needing a poll, it is safe to say the #1 most frequently asked question heard by married women is, “So when are you guys having a baby?” For over 7.5 million women, this question can conjure feelings of sadness and worry as impaired fertility leaves us in a constant state of doubt. For over 7.5 million women, when we numbly sigh, smile and answer, “I don’t know”, it truly means we do not know if we can.


I am competed for the title of Mrs. America to bring this growing crisis to light on a national scale. At 23 years old, perfectly fit and healthy, I found myself in emergency ovarian surgery for which I had no signs or symptoms and for which the CDC finds no cause.  Six years later, living with the effects of this surgery, I found myself frustrated but also impassioned by this challenge as I started hearing more stories of women’s reproductive health crises (PCOS, fibroids, cysts, etc) that have no cause or symptom, but can cause severe fertility issues. 

In July 2016, I founded the Women’s Ovarian & Medical Education Network, Incorporated (W.O.M.E.N. Inc) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that is dedicated to alleviating the fertility risks faced by women through education, advocacy, and research.  Since inception, everyone from old high school friends to former students and strangers have been reaching out regarding their own reproductive conditions and recent diagnoses that leave them worried and confused.


As Mrs. California-America®, I am using my position to give a public voice to these often “taboo” reproductive crises faced by 7.5 million American women who suffer silently as they live with impaired fertility. We are survivors and we must be the storytellers and educators as advocacy and information is the only preventative care that exists for women's reproductive health.

Join me in advocacy by participating  in the #SAVEYOUROVARIES campaign and spreading awareness on the ONLY way to prevent cysts from causing impaired fertility or fertility loss--ULTRASOUNDS! Simply take a picture making a heart on your abdomen and post it to social media with the hashtag #SAVEYOUROVARIES and our website where your friends can get fertility saving information!

Click here for more information on the Women's Ovarian & Medical Education Network Inc.